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Nada Digital, HBAR Foundation and P2E Ecosystem Development Cooperation

16 Sep 2022

Nada Digital (CEO Lee Yun-Yeol) announced on the 16th that it has decided to cooperate with the HBAR Foundation by using the corporate distributed ledger network Hedera to develop the ecosystem of the blockchain game "Slim World."

"Slim World" is a blockchain-based play tour (P2E) game that utilizes copyright (IP) of Nada Digital. Following MEXC Global earlier, it was recently listed on L Bank. The second NFT slime is also on sale.

In partnership with the HBAR Foundation, which leads the development of the Hedera network ecosystem, it is further increasing the creation accounts of "Slim World" and maintaining market competitiveness.

Hedera is aiming for a next-generation blockchain platform that pioneers new standards in the global distributed economy market. In particular, we present high throughput, low fees, and verifiable data logging of 'Hedera Consensus Services'. In addition, the issuance of its own tokens through NFT and Hedera Token Service is also drawing attention.

An official from Nada Digital said, "Through a partnership with the HBAR Foundation, we can see that the blockchain business that Slim World should go to in the future will be transparent and fair." "After investigating and comparing other networks, Hedera has become the best in the P2E ecosystem."

He said, "In other networks, P2E games have faded due to environmental destruction and high gas rates, but this problem does not exist in Hedera, so Nada Digital decided to work together at the HBAR Foundation to build the next generation of P2E."

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