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Nada Digital, led by 'Genius Terran' Lee Yun-Yeol, was selected as 'Tips', a support program for the Ministry of SMEs and Startups

16 Sep 2022

Nada Digital, led by Lee Yun-Yeol , a former "StarCraft" professional gamer, announced on the 15th that it was finally selected as a target company for TIPS, a technology start-up support program organized by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups this year.

TIPS is a program that selects startups with technology and business feasibility that will lead the market together with the Ministry of SMEs and Startups and private investors to support R&D and commercialization. The government can provide up to 500 million won in research and development costs for selected promising startups for two years and receive 200 million won in additional funding for commercialization and overseas marketing.

Nada Digital said, "This selection of Tips means that it has officially been recognized for metaverse market technology that can optimize real-life content such as food, clothing, digital content, and e-commerce based on Unreal Engine 5 that reflects real-life images."

Meanwhile, Nada Digital, located in Daegu, is providing global services to mystery psychology game "Mafia 3D," strategic defense game "Lansdy," and blockchain NFT game "Slime World" using its own IP, centering on CEO Lee Yun-Yeol.


Reporter Nam Jung-seok :