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Nada Digital to List MEXC on Global Exchange of 'Nada Token'

13 May 2022

Nada Digital (CEO Lee Yun-Yeol)'s own cryptocurrency, "NADA Token," was first listed on the global virtual asset exchange "MEXC Global" on May 10. Nada Token is a header-based token used in blockchain-based games and project metaverse developed and operated by Nada Digital.

Nada Token MEXC Global Award by Nada Digital

Currently, it is a Orihalcon acquired through the blockchain-based P2E game "Slime World" play that can be exchanged at in-game exchanges, and will be used as a key currency in various blockchain services in the future. Slime World is a light and easy-to-play blockchain-based P2E game that anyone can enjoy using Nad Digital's IP, and signed a business agreement with Blade LABS DMC (CEO Sami Mian), a developer of blockchain wallet BLADE, on the 11th of last month.An official from NADADIGITAL said, "We will proceed with NFT AMA after the first listing of NADA token global virtual asset exchange MEXC Global," and added, "We will expand the distribution network by listing it sequentially on domestic and foreign exchanges, starting with global virtual asset exchange MEXC Global." Meanwhile, "Slime World" can be downloaded through the service country's Google Play Store and Apple App Store, and details can be found on the "Slime World" brand page.

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