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'CEO Lee Yun-Yeol' is aiming for Global market with P2E games.

12 Apr 2022

The first NFT P2E game 'Slime World' released by a game company in Daegu..."I wanted to show my Pro Gamer juniors a new path"

Lee Yun-Yeol is one of the most successful players as a StarCraft professional gamer. His salary was also the highest among professional gamers. Lee Yun-Yeol is the first Golden Mouse awardee, and has the most wins. At that time, Starcraft's popularity was simply a national game when Lee Yun-Yeol was Starcraft Pro gamer.

Lee Yun-Yeol is one of the most successful players as a StarCraft professional gamer. 

After his retirement, he turned into a Broadcasting Jockey , but suddenly quit broadcasting in 2017 and 

joined a game company and started learning work. About three years later, in 2020, 

he founded Nada Digital, a game company based on his professional gamer ID. 

Photograph = Reporter Choi Jun-pil

Recently, Lee Yun-Yeol started targeting global markets by creating a P2E (Play to Earn) game Slime World that combines blockchain. He is also developing Cyworld Metaverse, which was introduced on April 2. I met Lee Yun-Yeol, who said he feels a great responsibility for employees working at the company, and listened to his life as CEO of a game company.

Reporter Kim Tae-hyun :