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Nada Digital's 'Ghost Girl Idle : Lighten up the world' achieved No. 1 popularity in Google Play

25 May 2023

[Data provided = Hidden Monster] Nada Digital (CEO Lee Yun-Yeol) announced that its neglected mobile game 'Ghost Girl Idle : Lighten up the world' has topped Google Play's popularity.

'Ghost Girl Idle : Lighten up the world', which was released on the 10th, is receiving favorable reviews from users for its strategic combat system that targets stages one by one through the fun of collecting attractive spirits embodied in high-quality illustrations and cute 3D graphics.

After the release of  'Ghost Girl Idle : Lighten up the world' which began to draw attention with a differentiated concept even before its release, it also achieved the No. 1 popularity of Google Play with favorable reviews from users in terms of game quality only  'Ghost Girl Idle : Lighten up the world'. Through Naver's official lounge, various launch commemorative events are held to receive blue diamonds that can be used in the game and are welcomed by users.

In addition, the One Store Discount Coupon Promotion is being held, where coupons can be received at the One Store Coupon Special Exhibition and discounts of up to 50%. After completing the seven-day attendance, a "new user's seven-day attendance event" where you can obtain the egg ghost 'Ari', a noble and beautiful vampire 'Sujin', and a playful Gumiho 'Kitsune' who really likes people are being summoned.

Meanwhile, an official from Nada Digital said, "The neglected mobile game <Ghost Girl Idle : Lighten up the world> has topped Google Play's popularity," adding, "Thank you for your interest and support, and we will try to make it a beloved game for a long time through quick and steady content updates and events."

Currently, downloads of 'Ghost Girl Idle : Lighten up the world' are available on "Google Play Store," "Apple App Store," and "One Store," and more detailed information and news can be found at the official Naver Game Lounge.

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