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Nada Digital officially launches 'Ghost Girl Idle : Lighten up the world'

15 May 2023

[Data provided = Hidden Monster] Nada Digital (CEO Lee Yun-Yeol) announced on the 10th (Wednesday) that it has released its new neglected RPG "Ghost Girl Idle : Lighten up the world" on Google Play, Apple App Store, and One Store.

Ghost Girl Idle is a neglected RPG game that begins when the beautiful witch "Hwahui" and spirits venture to reveal a world in chaos, and is faithful to the basics of the neglected genre, but is implemented with high-quality illustrations and 3D graphics, further enhancing the fun of collecting attractive spirits.

In addition, it is characterized by the ability to fully enjoy the fun and taste of the battle through the ultimate skills of spirits that include dozens of different effects and exclusive animation effects.

Prior to its launch, advance reservations were made at Naver Game Lounge, Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and One Store, and a total of 250,000 gold, 3,500 blue diamonds, 300 equipment summons rights, and spirit "Yeonhui" can be obtained when participating in all advance reservations.

Meanwhile, an official from Nada Digital said, "Our new neglected RPG 'Ghost Girl Idle' was officially released today," adding, "We will provide the fun of an original concept of defeating evil spirits by being possessed by a spirit embodied in 3D graphics in a world view that transcends time."

Currently, downloading "Ghost Girl Idle" is available on "Google Play Store," "Apple App Store," and "One Store," and more detailed information and news can be found at the official Naver Game Lounge.

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