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Former professional gamer Lee Yun-Yeol's Nada Digital was selected as an excellent company for work innovation in 2022

28 Nov 2022

Nada Digital Co., Ltd. (CEO Lee Yun-Yeol) announced on the 28th that it was selected as the "2022 Excellent Company for Business Innovation" and received the Minister of Employment and Labor Award. 

Nada Digital was selected as the best company for work innovation in 2022

The SS grade, the highest grade in the "Work Innovation Excellent Company" work innovation incentive system, is selected through work innovation implementation and evaluation for small and medium-sized companies that have established voluntary and active work innovation plans, and various incentives are provided.

These "excellent companies in work innovation" are selected as SS, S, and A grades according to their scores, and Nadazidital is known to have been highly praised for establishing and implementing its own plans such as regular work and flexible work systems.

"We will continue to be a model company that establishes and practices various plans to ensure work-life balance and create a better working environment," said Lee Yun-Yeol, CEO of Nada Digital.

Meanwhile, Nada Digital is located in Daegu, and 'Genius Terran' is a startup company established in 2020 led by Lee Yun-Yeol, a former StarCraft famous professional gamer. It is a game development company that provides global services for mystery psychology game "Mafia 3D," strategic defense game "Lansdy," and blockchain NFT game "Slime World" using its own IP. 

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