Experience various games of Nada Digital. 

Turret Craft

Endless Enemis, Defend until the end!

Complete your own differentiated strategies with various combinations of the Skills & Tower.

defend to the end against endless enemy attacks!

RSD: Random Skill Defense 

 Complete your own deck with various skills!

Endless battle! Challenge in infinite mode!

Challenge the top ranker through strategic deck construction! 

CY Town

Gather around ! To Cytown Square !

Chatting with friends in the square !

Enjoy a fun metaverse life !

SRD: Slime Random Defense

Cultivating cute slime characters

with various attributes!

Try the best round with your own strategy!

Slime World

Kingdom of cute slime! Attractive strategy NFT game!

Experience a cute slime,

that gets stronger the more you play!

Mafia 3D

Mafia game is a full 3D mobile game!

Through various clothes and pet characters,

Use your skills to lead your team to victory!