Experience various games of Nada Digital. 

Ghost Girl Idle
: Lighten up the world

The memory of the world with the Ghosts,
the moment that lightens up the darkness and shines.

Lighten up the darkened world with your Favorite Ghosts!

Slime World

Kingdom of cute slime! Attractive strategy NFT game!

Experience a cute slime,

that gets stronger the more you play!

Mafia 3D

Mafia game is a full 3D mobile game!

Through various clothes and pet characters,

Use your skills to lead your team to victory!

Turret Craft

Endless Enemis, Defend until the end!

Complete your own differentiated strategies with various combinations of the Skills & Tower.

Defend to the end against endless enemy attacks!

RSD: Random Skill Defense 

 Complete your own deck with various skills!

Endless battle! Challenge in infinite mode!

Challenge the top ranker through strategic deck construction! 

CY Town

Gather around ! To Cytown Square !

Chatting with friends in the square !

Enjoy a fun metaverse life !

SRD: Slime Random Defense

Cultivating cute slime characters

with various attributes!

Try the best round with your own strategy!